Working Parents Guide

Working Parents Guide to Childcare in Perth

10 January 2024
Posted by: Chelsea

For working parents, it’s a fair bet that balancing the demands of your child/children and work is sometimes something of a challenge!

That’s where daycare and daycare centres may prove to be invaluable, though there are also other options available. In passing, we’re discussing children from babies up to preschool ages around 5 or 6.

Working Parents Guide


The provision of daycare services comes in a variety of different packages.

The Nanny or Childminder (at your home)

The conventional nanny or childminder may have a role to play. Their services are fairly well understood though it’s important to clarify in advance of any engagement, just what they will be providing. For example, some may consider cooking for your child to be part of their duties but others won’t, expecting you to provide pre-made food which they’ll just heat.

The same might apply to other odd jobs which are child-related housework. Some may clean up after your children and do the washing-up but others might not see that to be part of a nanny’s job.

For your children’s safety, remember to verify the background of the individual and take up extensive references. Nannies may be expensive and you need to be sure they’re legally resident in Australia with all appropriate visas if they’re not citizens.

It’s also important to remember that nannies and childminders are typically different insofar as the former might have formal verifiable qualifications in childcare provision.

Childminders (external)

Some childminders might provide their services from their home or other premises.

The same security checks on their background will be required but also ensure that you’ve checked the safety of their location from all perspectives (e.g., dogs). It would also be imperative to check that they are appropriately registered and have full professional insurance covering the services they’re offering. Note that standard household insurance typically won’t cover these types of professional services being offered from the home in question.

Creches & Playcentres

These can be very useful in some aspects of daycare provision.

A lot depends upon the exact nature of the services they’re offering but some of these may be more oriented towards shorter durations. Many such establishments may operate very much based on simply keeping an eye on children while they play.

That can be useful in some cases but once again, check that the establishment has all required legal registrations and certifications plus first-aid facilities (meaning trained people and not just a first-aid kit).

Daycare centres

Some daycare centres, though not necessarily all, offer structured early learning opportunities for the children in their care.

Many will have highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in childcare and children’s preschool education. It is always worth checking the ratio of experienced to inexperienced personnel they have and most will be happy to share that type of information with you.

Your choice

Ultimately, working parents will have many different drivers that will influence both their daycare requirements and the provider they eventually select.

Given the importance of that decision though, it’s worth taking the time to investigate the several options that might be open to you.

Here at Read2Grow Early Learning Child Care, we’d welcome the opportunity to show you just how we work and what motivates us. Why not call us to arrange a quick and informal visit?

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