Top Things to do this Winter

1 July 2021
Posted by: Chelsea

The onset of winter is greeted with groans from many parents.

Their big worry is often “what things to do this winter with the kids”?

So, here are a few ideas.

Things to do this winter

First of all, let’s consider some generics.

However bad the weather might be, your children will still need:

  • physical exercise;
  • exposure to nature;
  • plain old-fashioned ‘fresh air’;
  • experience of the elements – this is slightly different to just ‘nature’. It means just going out somewhere and being prepared to get soaked and covered in wonderful mud;
  • the chance to run some physical and emotional energy off in the company of other children of roughly their own age.

Now if the weather isn’t great, our first natural instinct is often to shut up shop and wait until it improves. It’s important to resist that temptation though and to concentrate on getting our kids to engage in some of those things above.

Some examples of things to do outdoors this winter:

  • go to a country park or nature reserve – many are open year-round;
  • why not try the beach, if one is within reach? A bit of wind and spray can be bracing and great fun for kids in winter;
  • introduce your children to long winter walks. Do some nature studies and show them how plants and animals change from one season to the next. Puddle splashing is also great fun, well, for the children anyway;
  • get them to help with winter gardening;
  • organise their friends to come over and participate in some winter garden games. Of course, you’ll need to be sure that the other parents have the same attitude towards their children being outside in ‘iffy’ weather as you do;
  • don’t forget kite flying. This comes and goes as a mainstream hobby for children but most love it when weather permits. They can easily make their own kite too;
  • treasure hunts are usually adored.

Indoor activities include:

  • for variety, why not make a little indoor gym? A spare mattress and some older cushions can be great fun – though make sure the kids are under constant supervision and injuries virtually impossible;
  • A bit of music and a few friends will result in your children dancing away and burning off some of that surplus energy that can build up in winter;
  • old-fashioned games. Our ancestors were clever and they designed a lot of housegames that got children running around like crazy things. Hide-and-seek, blind-man’s-buff, tag and pin the tail on the donkey, are all great examples and children (plus quite a few adults) love them as much today as they did 150 or 500 years ago.

You only really need a bit of imagination and you can find some great things to do with your kids this winter.

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