tips for flu season

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

25 April 2020
Posted by: Read2Grow

With the flu season fast approaching and the unknown with COVID-19, it is important for us all to remain as healthy as possible to combat the wintery times and impending flu season. Here are some tips to stay healthy during this time, for both adults and the little ones.

1. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently.

2. Get active, indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter

3. Get plenty of sleep – sleep is important to help the body to fight off any nasties

4. Eat a well-balanced, nutritional diet

5. Decrease stress… have some fun

6. Avoid germ sharing… cough and sneeze into your elbow, use a tissue when necessary.

By following these helpful tips you should remain healthy during this up coming cold and flu season.

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