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Before-and-After School Care for School-Aged Children

18 February 2024
Posted by: Chelsea

Unfortunately, the professional and other non-childcare demands upon parents’ time have a habit of not tidily dovetailing into school hours. That can result in a challenge and considerable stress for the parents and sometimes children too.

Before-and-After School Care in Perth

On the plus side, before-and-after-school care options are available in the local area, some of which might also offer early learning childcare as part of their proposition.

Early learning childcare – your flexible working rights

In the current economy and work culture, it’s not easy to find jobs that are very flexible in terms of hours worked. In theory, employers today should be more flexible in recognising and accommodating the time pressures on their parent employees. That’s because there is a legal obligation for them to be so. To quote from the federal government’s summary of the Fair Work Act:

  • “Under the Fair Work Act, employees who have completed at least 12 months of continuous service with their employer immediately before making the request and who have responsibility for the care of a child who is of school age or younger may request a flexible working arrangement.”
    In practice, implementing those good intentions can be challenging due to the qualifying conditions and rights of an employer to consider whether or not such arrangements can be appropriately accommodated without suffering significant damage to their business operations:
  • “…an employer has the right to reasonably refuse a request for flexible work under the Fair Work Act
    Whether or not you can secure flexible working hours, there is a fair chance that conventional school hours will cause you some challenges where your work/childcare balance is concerned.

That can mean that while your children are in school, everything’s fine but once the school day is over, there is an immediate problem in finding care for your children. Sometimes the earlier part of the morning can present similar challenges.

Before-and-after-school childcare

Assuming you don’t have access to family members who are in a position to help, you might wish to explore the option of finding a specialist provider of out-of-school-hours care.
There are companies around offering such services and some might even be able to liaise and provide delivery to and collection from school. These services can be hugely helpful to parents with younger children who’ve started school but who might still have a relatively short school day.

A few tips worth considering:

  • verify the provider you’re using. If they’re a formally registered business, check how long they’ve been established and what people are saying about their services online. Be sure they have all the professional and legally required registrations and that their personnel have been subjected to the usual appropriate background checks;
  • ask if they adopt early learning childcare practices. That means not just making sure the children in their care are safe but also that they’re receiving stimulating and fun recreational activities;
  • make sure they’re fully and appropriately insured covering all the services they’re providing. That’s particularly important if they’re dropping kids off at school and picking them up as typically, standard vehicle insurance doesn’t cover passengers carried for or as part of, a fee-charging service;
  • if they’re a private self-employed individual(s), you’ll need to carry out many of the above checks yourself, as they may not have many professional association registrations to help. The laws and rules here may vary depending upon your state or even local administrative area. You can ask locally for further advice on how to perform these checks and what registrations people must have to offer these services.

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