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Hello Read2Grow Families

3 February 2021
Posted by: Chelsea

What a crazy start to the week! With most of our families at home this week due to the WA lockdown, the team at Read2Grow has compiled a list of activities that our rooms had prepared for our sound of the week, “S” for you to do at home!

Making Slime (Kindy)

The week the Kindys had planned on making some slime using the Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit.

Here is how make you own Slime at home!

slime kit

Ingredients for the Kit Include:

making slime

Ingredients for at Home Slime Include:

1. Elmer’s Clear Glue
2. Elmer’s Magical Liquid
3. Elmer’s Glitter Glue Pen
4. Container to mix ingredients
5. Mixing utensils
1. 100 ml of PVA
2. 1 teaspoon of Borax
3. Food colouring
4. Half a cup of warm water
5. Container to mix ingredients
6. Mixing utensils




1. Add Elmer’s clear glue to bowl
2. Mix in your choice of glitter
3. Mix in Elmer’s Magical Liquid Mix              until mixture gets harder and                    slime begins to form
4. Take out slime and knead
1. Add 100ml of PVA to bowl
2. Add food colouring
3. Mix 1 teaspoon of Borax with ½ cup of
4. warm water in separate bowl
5. Add borax and water mixture to bowl
6. Stir until slime is formed


Exploring Sounds (Pre – Kindy)

This week the Pre – Kindys where planning to explore their sense of sound! To do this an education videos are played, and the children have to listen closely to what sound is playing and guess just what they think it is. Can you get them all right?

pre kindy


Sweet and Sour Tasting (Toddlers)

This week the toddlers were planning some sensory exploration with some sour and sweet taste testing. Using items such as limes, lemons, oranges, strawberries and more, to see what their opinions are on the different tastes, all while developing their sensory skills, food identification and recognition of our sound of the week, S! Take a look at what is your kitchen and have a go at taste testing… what was your favourite?


Paper Plate Snakes (Babies)

This week the babies were going to make some amazing snakes using paper plates.

Here is how to make your own paper plate snakes at home!

What you Need:

paper plate snakes

1. Paper Plate
2. Your choice of Decoration (paint, textas, crayons etc)
3. Scissors
4. Google eyes


1. Cut out the snake shapes from paper plates. (It’s a super simple swirl!)
2. Decorate your snake however you please
3. Add googly eyes

Everyone here at Read2Grow is hoping to see our families back soon!

Stay Safe Everyone!

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