Phonics Testing Makes the News

Phonics Testing Makes the News

2 March 2021
Posted by: Chelsea

In the past few days, the question of phonics testing has made the news – again

Business leaders have published a call for this typically 5-10 minutes reading and comprehension test to become the norm in WA for all Year-1 students.

Their argument is simple.

It relates to the fact that at the end of their schooling in later years, too many young people are discovered by potential employers to have inadequate basic reading skills.

And that is quite alarming!

This shortcoming seriously inhibits the young people’s ability to be seen as credible candidates for positions. In many cases, it may preclude some employees from on-development in the job and subsequent promotions etc.

Employers are clearly describing something they are seeing more of and which is a problem that is impacting their ability to continue to function.

Many are also demonstrably concerned at how these reading ability problems are disadvantaging, perhaps permanently, many young adults starting to make their way in society.

And this problem isn’t new.

Phonic TestingIn fact, it is this gap in our early childhood development that led to the birth of Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care.

Numerous theories have been advanced to explain it and there is some dispute as to origins but one thing is clear – this problem needs to be avoided and early or pre-school activities have a key role to play in doing so.

While the specific efficacy of phonics testing itself can be debated, few would argue that children’s reading should be enthusiastically developed and encouraged from the earliest possible ages.

At Read 2 Grow, we believe children that learn to read at an earlier age are likely to see significant advantage and easier academic progression in later schooling.  That in turn will eventually support them as they migrate out into the “real world” and employment.

That is why our care provision, from the earliest stages, encourages children’s interests in books and other forms of reading. From what we can see, the evidence this benefits kids is simply irrefutable.

If your child is already attending Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care, you can be confident that your child is getting that extra edge they need to succeed in the future.

We will play our part and continue to do everything we can to help position the children in our care to be ready for more enhanced reading development once they enter school life.

And if your child isn’t a part of the Read 2 Grow family and you are interested in finding out more, feel free to schedule a tour of our centre here.

As a side note, we are extremely happy that this issue that we’ve been building awareness towards, has finally hit mainstream news and will get the real attention it deserves.

Here’s to creating literate, bright and capable future generations!

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