Our Team


Our Centre Director holds a Bachelor of Early Childcare Education and is an certified “Jolly Phonics Trainer who has extensive industry experience.

All staff go through a rigorous interview process to ensure proper credentials are obtained, and your child gets the best care possible in accordance with our values.

Our child care facility is a registered member of the Australian Childcare Alliance WA.

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  • Chelsea
    Centre Director

    I am the centre director at Read 2 Grow, I am very passionate about children...

  • Rebecca
    Assistant Director/ Educational Leader

    I'm the Assistant Director and Educational Leader here at Read2Grow.

  • Charlotte
    Early Childhood Teacher / Team Leader

    I am an Early Childhood Teacher currently working in the pre-kindy room.

  • Dona
    Qualified Educator / Team Leader

    I am the room leader of the toddler room at Read 2 Grow. When I enter the room they all...

  • Laura
    Qualified Educator / Team Leader

    I currently work in the babies’ room studying towards my Diploma...

  • Priya
    Qualified Educator / Team Leader

    I am a Diploma qualified Educator with years of experience in this ...

  • Alana
    Early Childhood Teacher

    Hi, my name is Alana and I work in the Kindy room as the Early Childhood Teacher

  • Denelle
    Certificate III Educator

    I am currently working in the toddler’s room, while also working towards...

  • Cassie
    Qualified Educator

    Hi, I’m Cassie and I’m a Diploma Qualified educator in the babies’ room...

  • Teofanisa
    Qualified Educator

    I am a Qualified Educator in Babies Room. Creates a sense of community...

  • Helen

    I am currently studying towards to my certificate III in Early Childhood...

  • Brianna
    Qualified Educator

    I am currently in the toddler’s room, studying towards my Bachelor..

  • Dorothy
    Early Childhood Teacher

    I am an Early Childhood teacher and work in the Kindy room at Read 2 Grow..

  • Brianna
    Qualified Educator

    I am an assistant educator at Read 2 Grow. I am studying Early Childhood...

  • Amruta
    Certificate III Educator

    I hold my certificate III and am a casual educator at Read 2 Grow...

  • Salima
    Certificate III Educator

    I work as a support staff educator and currently hold my certificate...

  • Sharni
    Qualified Educator

    Hi, my name is Sharni and I am a casual educator at Read 2 Grow...

  • Lynne
    Food Co-Ordinator

    I am the food co-ordinator at Read 2 Grow. In charge of feeding..

  • Lucette
    Certificate III Educator

    I am passionate about each child being their own individual self ...

  • Meena
    Certificate III Educator

    I am Meena Thiru working towards my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

  • Roya
    Qualified Educator

    I believe that childcare plays an important part of children’s ...

  • Natalie
    Qualified Educator

    In the early childhood period of development, children are curious...

  • Julie
    Certificate III Educator

    I believe that each child is an individual and as an educator...

  • Parul
    Certificate III

  • Shannen
    Certificate III

  • Tshomo
    Certificate III

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