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Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

23 December 2020
Posted by: Chelsea

People usually take time to reflect on the year during these times so we thought we’d ponder a bit as well.

This time last year we were working on launching our centre and excited about what the year 2020 would bring.

And suffice to say, it has been nothing short of “eventful”.

If any of us felt a bit bored with the usual routines of the years passing by and the festivities that come around each year, this year has been a complete disruption.

The year 2020 has taught people to look after themselves, spend more time with their loved ones and grow together as a community.

So for the first year in running, we’ve seen amazing things in this community.

We want to thank all our parents for supporting us during this year and all our frontline workers who are the unnamed heros of our society.

We also want to thank our educators and all our ECE community that continued to care for our young children during this time.

While we continue to remain open during this festive season, for those of you who are going away we wish you well and safe travels and to those of you who are staying back and enjoying this season at home, we wish you Happy Holidays!

With that said…

Merry Christmas and a healthy safe New Year everyone!

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