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Fun Activities for Kids in Perth

30 March 2024
Posted by: Chelsea

Kids in Perth: Are you at a loss for what to do to keep your children occupied and entertained?

Well, you can try searching for “day care near me”, which might throw up some interesting options!

What does “day care near me” actually mean?

This would normally indicate that you’re looking for a Monday-Friday type solution to caring for younger children under say 5-6 years of age, while you’re at work. If that’s combined with say an early learning program including our ‘jolly phonics’ globally famous development system then fine.

However, it’s also perfectly possible you’re looking for some non-scholastic-type activities to keep your child entertained during the daytime if you’re unavailable. Here we’ll consider a few options for kids in Perth, including some you can join in with if you have the time and energy!

Fun Activities for Kids in Perth

Do remember though that what’s available, locations, prices and actual availabilities, are all subject to frequent change. This was all accurate at the time of ‘going to press’ but you’ll need to check them out in advance of setting off.


Almost all kids love the beach and getting wet. It doesn’t have to be sea-based of course, as there are various pools and aqua centres around.

A lot of ‘wet’ activities for kids will require parental attendance but there may be some special club-based options including swimming lessons. Be sure that the locality is safe, well-regulated, fully supervised and has an excellent reputation for safety.

Jackadder Lake Reserve

Plenty for toddlers and younger kids to do here. Trees, walks, nature, lakes – it’s fantastic.

Normally regarded as a parent and kids’ location, you may find some guided tours for little ones.

Kindermusik class – Osborne Park

World-famous dance routines for children from toddler ages up to around 7.

Now this does mean parents may be able to get a few minutes to themselves and there may be clubs that children can join for them to participate in longer sessions without you in attendance. Contact the providers for more information.

Jungle Sports – multiple locations around Perth

Great fun for kids from toddlers up.

It aims to get children participating in a wide variety of ‘sports’ which means, for very young children, largely play-based activities built around a loose sporting theme.

These classes normally prefer parents to be in attendance and they actively encourage participation from the older folk! This is seen as being important to encourage children’s efforts but again, there may be options for club-type membership and associated activities.

Countryside rambles
Some clubs will take groups of children on walks and explorations of the countryside all around Perth.

These are specialist trips in the presence of fully qualified childcare experts. Some are accompanied by parents, while others may be just for kids (and supervising adults). These are usually aimed at slightly older pre-schoolers, for obvious safety reasons.

Kids’ cookery classes

These are great fun and there are quite a few options around Perth, such as the Cooking Professor at Mt. Hawthorn.

There is usually a lower age limit of around 5-6 though some may cater (no pun intended) for younger children. The classes don’t usually require parental attendance and supervision, so you can escape for a brief rest!


There is simply a pile of things for younger children to do in and around Perth, some of which may also provide parents with a well-deserved breathing space for a few hours!

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