Day care near me Check the providers insurance

Day Care Near Me: Check the Provider’s Insurance

17 June 2024
Posted by: Chelsea

It’s to be sincerely hoped that the area of a day care centre’s insurance is not one that parents will ever need to call upon but this is an important area to be clear on.

Therefore, if you’re searching for “day care near me”, this is something to look at.

Day care near me – how well insured is the provider?

In theory, all such providers are obliged to be formally registered and as such, also insured. Even so, it’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about professional insurance and its different types. This should help you to put your mind at rest that you have fully verified the position before selecting your provider of services.

Insurance – don’t be bored

Very few of us find insurance to be naturally interesting and as a result, we often don’t pay much attention to its details. It’s something we see as either mandatory (e.g. motor vehicle cover) or a ‘just-in-case’, should we have a disaster with our house or a valuable possession etc.

However, everybody suddenly becomes very interested in the detail of their policy or someone else’s, when they need to make a claim. That would not be the first time to start asking questions about the cover provided.

Types of Insurance

Very broadly speaking, a day care centre provider should have professional insurance covering:

  • accidents and related problems that might cause them financial loss. That usually means insurance cover for their employees injured whilst performing their duties or circumstances like extreme weather events that might damage their property etc. Generally, parents don’t need to look at this area of cover because it is exclusively the concern of the centre’s owners;
  • third-party liability cover. Any professional business should have cover in place of this type. It means that people using their services are covered should they suffer damage-causing problems resulting from the centre’s property, service provision or personnel. This area is the one that should be examined when evaluating an early learning centre or similar establishment.

An example might be a situation where a parent’s parked car was accidentally damaged by one of the centre’s employees (or a sub-contractor working on their behalf) trimming overhanging trees within the play area. Should such an accident happen and substantial costs incurred, the centre should have insurance cover in place to deal with it.

Special considerations for cars, vans and other provided transport

If a day care centre uses transport as part of its service proposition (outings, children collection or delivery services etc.) then the insurance cover in place will be an additional consideration.

Where a vehicle is owned and used by a business it must have appropriate commercial use insurance. Not having such and using instead lower-cost general private ownership motor vehicle cover, would most likely cause difficulties in the event of a claim. It might also be an offence for the vehicle’s owner.

In situations where centre employees use their vehicles to provide transport as part of their employer’s professional activities, they too would require commercial use insurance. A failure to have such might again cause major problems in the event of an accident resulting in claims.

Day care centre insurance can be complex

Although the complexities of insurance are often exaggerated, it is a fact that understanding what cover is in place and its limitations isn’t always easy.

It’s usually advisable to ask for details from the centre and be sure you understand how some of the above issues would be dealt with.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this and other aspects of our services with you in more detail. Why not call us for an appointment and pop in for a visit?

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