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Why Choose Read2Grow Early Learning for Childcare in Perth?

5 January 2024
Posted by: Chelsea

Childcare in Perth: As you might expect, we’re proud of our childcare services. If you’ve started to look for “day care near me”, we hope the following discussion will prove helpful in understanding just what justifies our pride.

Read2Grow Early Learning for Childcare in Perth

“Day care near me” – a confusing landscape

If you search on the internet along the lines above, you’ll probably encounter a plethora of responses that are all within more or less commuting distance of your home. There may be several companies offering variations on the theme of childcare in Perth, daycare, playcentre, creche, nursery services and so on.

Inevitably, there will be different service propositions from such companies and there most likely will be multiple factors that will influence your final decision.

However, one thing we’d like to highlight about our services is our programme of literacy during childcare provision. This is indicated of course in our company’s name!

What we do

  • The backbone of our education through play approach is the global “Jolly Phonics Program”.
  • There is more detail about this on our website but in a nutshell, it means we work hard with children in our care to help them to discover sounds and associate those with letters and words. To put it simply, we encourage children towards early reading and that in turn helps writing skills and eventually overall literacy, unique concept for childcare in Perth.

Why this is important

Although it was once disputed, there is now plentiful objective evidence to show that the earlier children master the basics of reading and writing, the easier they will find their initial schooling. Those benefits appear to continue through into later schooling and academic achievement.

It is clear that children receiving such early training and assistance are also statistically far less likely to subsequently require extra help and remedial tuition as they progress through schooling.

Play is fun too

However, we never lose sight of the fact that young children in daycare centres also need to have fun. That’s why our development is based around play and enjoyment, as trying to use conventional teaching methods on preschool-age children simply won’t work.

Our objective is not “lessons” as such. Our learning program is built into recreational activities and the children find it great fun.

Other factors

We also recognise the importance of convincing parents of our overall trustworthiness and professional capabilities. Specifically, the:
qualities and qualifications/experience of our personnel;

  • safety of our premises (and equipment) from the viewpoint of play;
  • security systems, as they relate to external access control;
  • first aid capabilities and responsible personnel;
  • accreditation and registrations we hold;
  • catering provisions and the values we hold relating to nutrition, dietary standards and hygiene;
  • special needs provisions we can provide.


Telephone chats or website information are fine but ultimately, the only way to be sure that we’d be a good fit for your child’s needs is to pop down for a chat and onsite visit.

Why not call us to set a date and time? We’d love to hear from you.

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