Bathing a Baby

Bathing a Baby

30 November 2021
Posted by: Chelsea

There’s little that’s more fun than seeing your baby having a bath!

Bathing a baby is not only great but also an important wet, bonding ritual.

Bathing a baby – the basics

Firstly, a few general points of advice:

  • you shouldn’t really bathe your baby more than once a day. Any more than that and you risk drying out their skin. If they’ve got a bit messy, you can always just wipe the affected area down without a full bath;
  • there’s no reason why you couldn’t leave it a few days in between baths but do keep their bottoms, genitals, hands and face clean via normal wipe-washing;
  • only use guaranteed baby-friendly soaps and bath agents. Don’t use home-made herbal substances, unless you’ve verified that they’re safe and asked a pharmacist for advice in advance;
  • make sure you’re able to concentrate 100% on your baby while bathing them. Accidents are, sadly, far from unusual and are often related to interruptions like phone calls, siblings misbehaving, doorbells ringing, dogs barking and so on. Never let your routine be interrupted.

Safety first with bathing a baby

The core points can never be restated enough:

  • make sure everything is to hand, such as towels. Babies can drown quickly and in shallow water if you leave them alone to go and find something you need. Never leave your baby alone in the bath – however briefly and however shallow the water;
  • test the temperature several times in advance. If you’re busy, you may think you’ve already done it but check at least three times before lowering your baby in;
  • think carefully before showering with your baby in your arms. Wriggling babies can be very slippery and shower floors are usually very hard;
  • if your baby is old enough to stand, use non-slip mats on the bath’s bottom;
  • depending upon your water inlet, make sure the hot tap is cool before putting your baby in.


There are probably more recommended techniques for bathing a baby in the world than there are babies themselves!

Much will be down to common sense and your own instincts – plus what your baby signals to you.

Generally, wash them normally but be careful to avoid getting even baby-friendly shampoos and soaps into their delicate eyes. Also, never wash intrusively by placing sponges, cloths or cotton wool buds into any of the baby’s orifices. Do not try to ‘clean out’ the baby’s ears with cotton wool buds apart from at the very outer edges.


Many babies will greet the removal of their nappies with an immediate pee. As a variation on that, some will do so the second you take them out of the bath and start drying them off.

This is perfectly normal but in the case of boys,being ready to duck fast is typically a good idea! For both sexes, have some sort of blocking towel to hand and keep smiling – one day you’ll regret the passing of this stage of their life!

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